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ROOF INSPECTION GUIDE: Everything Jersey City, Hoboken, and All of Hudson County, New Jersey Homeowners Need To Know

What Is A Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is both a physical and visual inspection of your roof. A roof inspection allows your roofer/estimator to deeply examine the history and condition of your roof where traditional roof estimates cannot. When performing a roof inspection, many different methods of testing are often utilized in order to give your roofer an idea of the history of your roof, as well as what materials have been used, how many layers are currently on the roof and to see if there are any underlying issues such as rot or moisture under your roofing system. Here at Elite Roofing, we combine both physical roof inspections and drone roof inspections, which in combination can give you a detailed and precise roof inspection report. Whether you're searching for a roof inspection in Hoboken, a roof inspection in Jersey City, or a roof inspection anywhere in Hudson County, we've got you covered! Let's take a look at what exactly a roof inspection includes, specifically here at Elite Roofing Contractor:

What Roof Inspections Include:

The Basics/What We're Looking For

When Elite Roofing conducts a Roof Inspection, we always inspect and examine the overall condition of your roof, but we also check specific areas that tend to get damaged easily in areas of extreme wind, heavy rains, and constant sun exposure. Some things we tend to check the conditions of are:

  • Gutters

  • Flashings

  • Skylights

  • Chimneys

  • Attic Space (If needed)

Regardless of their condition, Elite will inform you of whether or not these specific areas are in need of some extra attention, if they need repairs, or if they just need to be completely replaced. ​In the event that these areas are in good condition, we'll let you know how to maintain them to keep your roof in tip-top shape!


Here at Elite, we provide our customers with detailed marked-up photos of their roof and any damages that we encounter. Oftentimes when customers request a roof inspection, they need photos of the damage to show their insurance company and/or simply want to see what our roofers/estimators have spotted. Using advanced technology such as state-of-the-art drones and special online mark-up systems, we are able to provide our customers with detailed photos of the damages as well as what needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Inspection Report

As an extension of the provided marked-up photos, an inspection report is a detailed report listing all of the damages found as well as suggested work that is deemed necessary in order to correct the issues on the roof. On an inspection report, each area of your roof and the surrounding parts (gutters, pipes, skylights, etc) will be broken down into their own sections, and a detailed description of each part will be provided. Even if the roof itself is in perfect condition and, for example, you have a leaking skylight, the roofer/estimator will provide details on both the damages and the parts that do not need to be repaired or changed. Again, inspection reports do not only inform the customer of the current condition of the roof but may be necessary in the case where your insurance company is involved. 


In addition to everything that is included in a roofing inspection, an estimate is also included which provides our customers with a projected estimated cost for any necessary repairs and/or replacements. Unlike your average free estimate, this estimate will be more clear and more concise as prior tests have been performed such as the core sample and infrared testing during the overall inspection. After receiving your inspection report and your estimate, you can use this information to decide what are the next steps to take in fixing your roof, either with or without your insurance. 

Core Sample (If Necessary)

One test that is commonly performed here at Elite Roofing is a core sample. Core sampling is a constructive test that involves cutting and removing a small sample of the roof layers until the structural deck is reached. This is a necessary step in the usual routine of a roof inspection as it first makes the roofer/estimator aware of how many layers are currently on the roof and what materials have been used on those previous layers. Keep in mind that the maximum legal amount of layers on your roof can only be two, so this will determine what work needs to be done as well. In addition to helping your roofer/estimator determine what materials were used on your roof, core samples can also give your roofer insight into any underlying issues such as wood rot and/or trapped moisture which help to indicate the issues of your roof that your roofer/estimator may not have been aware of when just quoting out an estimate.

Core Sample done by Elite Roofing. A Core Sample is test that allows your roofing contractor to see how many previous layers are on your roof, and informs your roofer of any underlying issues such as trapped moisture or wood rot.

Check Out This POV of Our Estimator, Kenny, Completing a Core Sample, in Jersey City!

Infrared Testing (If Necessary)

Here at Elite Roofing, we use special infrared water detectors that help our roofers/estimators determine the source of a leak that may not make itself visible. Using our infrared detectors, our roofers are able to examine the different temperature spots within the walls of your home;  the lighter parts indicate warmth, whereas the darker parts would indicate cold spots which represent the water penetration within your roof/walls. Infrared testing is necessary as it gives your roofer a deeper sense of the current problems with your roof, as well as indicates where exactly water is entering your home and where it is traveling to. 

Click HERE to learn more about Infrared Testing and/or Water Testing!

Infrared Testing done by Elite Roofing. Infrared testing allows your roofer to spot hard to find leaks and trapped moisture within your walls and ceilings.

Why Roof Inspections Are Useful:

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or a long-time homeowner, receiving annual roof inspections are not only informative but can potentially save you a ton of money. If you are looking to buy a house, we recommend that you call a local professional that will be able to give you a detailed inspection report; this will enlighten you of any costly repairs or damages that need to be addressed before you are able to move in. On the other hand, if you already own your home and have had an initial inspection, we advise you to consider receiving yearly inspections and/or maintenance to extend the longevity of your roof. Here are a few reasons as to why you’ll want to consider annual roof inspections:

Catch Small Problems

By receiving your initial and/or annual roof inspection, you are giving yourself the chance to catch small problems or damages that can eventually turn into costly repairs. This will allow you to take preventive measures against any further damage, as well as gives your contractor an idea of what other factors to keep an eye out for. 

Detects Leaks Faster

Most times, you are able to see exactly where a leak may be beginning to form just by examining the exterior of your roof. Cracked rubber, broken shingles, and/or tears in your roof are massive indicators that not only are their damage but unkempt damage that can lead to unexpected leaks. Annual roof inspections allow contractors to detect leaks before they start infiltrating the interior of your home, and give you ample time to assess the situation. 

Ensure Proper Drainage

Initial and annual roof inspections don’t focus only on your roof, but on your gutters too! During the inspection, your inspector will also check your gutters to ensure they are properly functioning; this includes making sure they are properly draining by looking for any obstructions and/or openings in your gutters that would prevent proper water drainage. Although minor, gutter blockages can cause major issues when rainy weather approaches. 

Expose Potential Hazard

Many homeowners are not aware that debris on their roofs can be potential fire hazards, especially when the homeowner does not regularly check the condition of their roofs. You can only see so much from the ground, which is why having a professional annual inspection is always recommended. Loose shingles can easily become a hazard during severe weather. Exposed wires and open HVAC systems are also potential fire hazards. 

Protect Your Warranty

You’ll come to find that many companies actually require a yearly inspection and/or maintenance in order to keep your warranty. Companies do this to ensure that your roof is in its best condition and aims to maintain the work performed; this will help avoid future problems and/or repairs. 

How To Know When to Schedule an Inspection

If you do not already have a roofing company performing annual inspections and/or maintenance, here are some signs to look out for which indicate that it is time for an inspection:

  • You can visually spot discoloration and/or wear on the shingles.

  • You noticed leaks within the interior of your home.

  • You’re interested in improving your home's insulation.

  • A bad storm has passed through your area.

  • It’s been a year since your last inspection.

What To Do If You Need A Roof Inspection

If you're in search of Jersey City Roof Inspection, Roof Inspection Jersey City, Roof Inspections near me, etc., look no further, Elite Roofing is your one-stop-shop for all of your roofing and exterior needs! Whether you're in the market of buying a new home or need a roof inspection for an insurance claim, Elite Roofing can provide you with the most clear and comprehensive roof inspection report, across the board. 

If you’re interested in receiving a roof estimate or a roof inspection, be sure to contact us here at Elite! Contact us today at (201)436-1011, or email us at for more information! If you’d like, you can also fill out the free estimate form on our website using this link:

If you’d like to find out Why Annual Roof Inspections Are Important, be sure to check out our blog using this link!

If you'd like to learn the difference between a Roof Inspection and an estimate, be sure to check out our How Does A Roof Inspection Differ From A Roof Estimate? blog using the link below!

What Our Customers Say About Our Roof Inspections:

"I was in the process of purchasing a home in Hoboken, and contacted Elite Roofing to do a roof inspection. Al, the owner of Elite, advised me to first get permission from the homeowner to conduct this inspection and to take a core sample, which he said was used to tell me how many layers were on that roof. Within 2 days Elite was able to meet me at the property to do a full roof inspection and to take the core sample. Elite Roofing gave me an extremely detailed report summarizing their findings which helped me gain leverage over the seller and negotiate a better price on the house. Thank you Al and the Elite team for the report, it was worth every penny and helped save me tons of $$$$!!!" -Justin G. of Hoboken, NJ (5-Star Google Review)

"I called Elite Roofing because I have a brownstone in Jersey City, NJ, and needed a detailed inspection report for an insurance claim. Elite was very responsive and was able to come out to my property the next day. The estimator, Kenny, used a drone in addition to conducting his physical inspection to provide me with clear and transparent photo documentation. Elite provided me with the most comprehensive and detailed inspection report in Jersey City. I highly recommend Elite Roofing for anyone in need of a roofing inspection!-Victoria R. of Jersey City, NJ (5-Star Google Review)

"The entire team at Elite is exceptional. They are kind and professional, timely and make sure their work is the best in the industry. They performed a roof inspection and gave us a full report along with video and photo images for our records. We have had a few repairs done and feel very confident that if there is a repair ever needed, they will be able to fix it. Truly the top of their field!" -Elizabeth D. of Bayonne, NJ (5- Star Google Review)

"Elite Roofing saved me! I had a new roof installed less than 5 years ago by a competitor and had nothing but issues. At my wits end I contacted Elite to do a estimate to see if they could get to the bottom of the issue. After using a drone to get an aerial view of my roof (yes the gadget geek in me was impressed), and then a hands on inspection they were able (through video and pictures) show me exactly what was going on. The estimate for the work was more than fair considering the amazing work that they did and I loved the crew. Five months, a nor'easter, massive snowstorm, numerous torrential rainstorms later and not one issue. Extremely happy customer." -Maureen R. of Bayonne, NJ (5-Star Google Review)

If you're in search of a Hoboken Roof Inspection, Jersey City Roof Inspection, Bayonne Roof Inspection, or a roof inspection anywhere in Hudson County, NJ, search no further, Elite Roofing is Hudson County's Roof Inspection Specialists! 

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