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Meet The Team

Our roofers have extensive knowledge of all roofing types!

We are Hudson County's #1 Local Roofing Contractor!

Meet Gigi, Elite Roofings pet!
Meet Al, Owner & CEO of Elite Roofing based in Hudson County, NJ.
Meet Hazel, an Elite Roofing pet.

Gigi Torrella

Al Torrella

Hazel Torrella

CEO & Founder

Little Helper

Little Helper

"Let our family help your family!"

Leak Detection Specialist

"Our daddy did our roof, let him do yours!"

"We specialize in hard to find leaks!"

"We look forward to making your house into your dream home and I thank you for entrusting us with your precious investment. We have some of the finest men in the business and I count myself lucky to stand beside them!" -Albert Torrella

Meet the team of Elite Roofing based in Hudson County, NJ.
Meet the team of Elite Roofing based in Hudson County, NJ.

"Others say they're the best roofers, but we are the best roofers!"

Meet The elite dream team!

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!"

Meet Anthony, Elite Roofings Roof Deck Specialist
Meet Brent, Elite Roofings Roofing Specialist



Leading The Crew From Above

Decks, Doors, Windows, Etc.

Roof Deck Specialist

"Although Anthony is not with us anymore, he will forever be apart of our Elite family. May "Stacks" Rest in Peace. 

Exterior Specialist

"Brent has over two decades of roofing experience and is committed to exceeding the customer's expectations!"

Meet Mike, Elite Roofings AZEK Specialist


Veteran & Exterior Specialist

"Mike's attention to detail is second to none!

It's all in the details!"

Meet Pablo, Elite Roofings Roofing Specialist


Ground Crew

Siding & Metal Specialist

"Pablo's knowledge of roofing is exceptional!"

Meet Vinny, Elite Roofings Welding Specialist


Laborer & Ground Crew

Welding Specialist

"Vinny makes special projects come to life with his impeccable welding skills!"

Meet Sophie, Elite Roofings Social Media Content Coordinator Specialist


Social Media Content Coordinator

 Media Specialist

"Sophie enjoys sharing our work so you can see how honest and transparent Elite Roofing really is!"

Meet Darryl, Elite Roofings Roofing Specialist



Torch Down Specialist

"Daryl has over three decades of roofing experience! He transforms roofs from ordinary to extraordinary!"

Meet Dannan, Elite Roofings Roofing Specialist


Sales & Laborer

Roofing & Sales Specialist

"Dannan is dedicated to his craft and it shows in his work! You can be sure to have a great roof if Dannan is working on it!"

Meet Anthony, Elite Roofings Roofing Specialist


Ground Crew

Clean-Up Specialist

"Anthony has a great work ethic and brings his best to each and every job! He treats your home as his own!"

Meet Kenny, Elite Roofings Sales Specialist
Meet Sadie, a pet of Elite Roofing




Sales Specialist

Little Helper

"My daddy Kenny sells the best roofs!"

"Kenny is a formerly experienced roofer who has extensive knowledge in roof repairs and replacements!"

Meet Pedro, Elite Roofings Torch Down Specialist



Siding & Metal Specialist

"Pedros torch down skills are hands down the best! He doesn't just ignite the torch, he ignites his passion for roofing!"

Meet Charlie, Elite Roofings Torch Down Specialist


Forman & Mechanic

Torch Down Specialist

"Charlie is our Torch Down Specialist! His passion for the craft shows in his work!"

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