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Roof Water Testing & Infrared Testing

Roof Water Testing

A water test, also commonly referred to as a flood test, is a test that roofing contractors perform to ensure that your flat roof's membrane is still sealed and intact. To perform this test, your roofing contractor will use a controlled water source to fill your flat roof with a shallow layer of water (often less than 25mm) to check if the roof is leak-proof. If there happen to be any leaks inside the house prior to the test, this can help your roofing contractor pinpoint the exact location of the leak quicker than thermal testing would. Water tests are especially helpful as they can reveal leaks in the roof, HVAC units, walls, penetrations, or other areas. 

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Infrared Testing (A.K.A Thermal Imagining)

A roof infrared test is a non-destructive method of evaluating the condition of a roof by using infrared technology. The test involves using an infrared camera to measure and record the temperature distribution on the roof surface. This information is then analyzed to identify areas of the roof that are damaged or deteriorating, and if there is any settling and/or traveling rainwater. The test is typically performed a day after it rains when the roof has had time to settle and the temperature differences are more pronounced. The results of the test can be used to determine if repairs or replacement of the roof is necessary and help to identify hard-to-spot leaks.  In all, both Infrared Testing and Water Testing are helpful tools to help assist us in diagnosing a leak!

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