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Union City Roof Replacement 

Click HERE to see our presentation video, "Union City Has Been Thunderstruck by Elite Roofing! "

Job Details

  • Removed the upper shingle roof down to the deck, and installed a new rubber liner in front. 

  • Riped off the roof down to the deck.

  • Removed and disposed of the existing gutter system.

  • Installed new 2x6 wood fascia.

  • Installed new white metal.

  • Installed a new white seamless gutter system.

  • Installed new drop tube and end caps. Sealed with gutter sealant.

  • Fasten the new seamless aluminum gutter into the fascia with hidden hanger screws.

  • Upgraded felt from 15# to synthetic felt, which helps prevent inside moisture from becoming trapped within the roofing system causing mold, mildew, and expensive structural damage. This provides longer-lasting leak protection than conventional felts (which can rot or become brittle before the shingles reach their useful life).

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