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Worst Ideas For Protecting Your Roof

We’ve all been there; we spot a simple fix that we can do ourselves or see some damage that doesn't seem like a big deal. Don’t worry, we totally get it; the last thing you’d want to worry about during a stressful week is your roof. Some people may try to create DIY ways to protect their roofs, yet in reality, they may be causing unwanted damage and/or costly repairs in the long run. We’ve composed a list of things we advise you to avoid in order to make your roof last as long as it’s supposed to, read below to find out the dos and don'ts of protecting your roof!

Pressure Washing Your Roof: When we advise our customers to perform annual cleanings to ensure there is no dirt and debris off their roofs, we do not mean to use a pressure washer to hose off your roof! Although it sounds like a good idea as many people use a power washer to clean their vinyl siding, the pressure can easily damage your roof's integrity and/or damage your shingles. Depending on the type of roof you have, different cleaning methods are advised. If you would like more information about cleaning your specific type of roof, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Ignoring Overhanging Greenery/Branches: Many people do not see overhanging greenery or tree branches over their roofs to be an issue, but it is important to note that with bad weather can come major issues. During the Fall season, loose leaves falling from these trees can easily cause your gutters to become clogged. During the colder months, impending snow can easily weigh down those branches and eventually collapse onto your roof, causing major damage and/or injuries. It is advised to keep overhanging greenery and branches away from your roof in order to avoid any unwanted damage.

Not Regularly Cleaning Your Gutters: Although we constantly advise our customers to maintain annual cleanings of their gutters, this is something that can easily be overlooked. Because you cannot always see into your gutters, it becomes out of sight out of mind! Accumulated water and debris can create water damage over time eventually leading to leaks within your home which can be costly to repair if not addressed immediately. By avoiding annual cleanings of your gutters, you are compromising your whole roof's integrity.

DIY Installation: We know the power of online do-it-yourself videos; many homeowners may spot a “simple” repair and try to do it themselves, which can lead to major issues if done incorrectly. Simple fixes may be able to temporarily save you money but can cost you more in the long run. If you are not a trained professional, we do not advise you to climb on top of your roof as steep slopes can easily lead to injuries and/or accidents.

Hiring Inexperienced Roofers Because of Lower Rates: We all know how tempting a good deal can sound, but let's face it: good work isn’t cheap work. Many inexperienced/new roofing companies have the ability to draw in customers with enticing discounts or deals, but more than often you’re left with more repairs than you started with! Although you may be okay with hiring a smaller inexperienced company for minor repairs/patches, be sure to do your research first to make sure that you’re getting the quality work that you expect.

Here at Elite, we understand that the last thing you’d want to worry about is your roof. Unexpected repairs can be a hassle, but you don’t want to cause further harm to your roof by attempting to do it on your own. If you need a quick repair or an inspection to check/maintain the quality of your roof, be sure to contact us at (201)436-1011, or for a F R E E estimate!


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