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What Are The Signs That Your Gutters Need Cleaning?

Although often overlooked, your gutters are one of the most important parts of your roofing system! Your home's gutters are responsible for redirecting rainwater away from your roof & siding, but if your gutters are not functioning properly this can create costly and unwanted projects. Not only do clogged gutters cause improper drainage, but debris build-up can become a habitat for unwanted rodents and insects. Read on to discover the tell-tale signs that inform you if your gutters need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

Overflowing Rainwater

The most obvious sign that you have a clogged gutter system is if rainwater begins to pool onto your roof, or if water starts to overflow from the sides of your gutters. The main purpose of your gutters is to redirect rainwater away from your roof and funnel it away from the foundation of your home; trapped rainwater can lead to excess moisture and can eventually lead to wood rot which can be costly to repair. Even off the roof, rainwater that does not funnel away from your home properly can begin to seep into the foundation of your home leading to more costly repairs. Standing water around the foundation of your home can be especially dangerous in the winter months as the water will freeze and unfreeze, leading to cracks in your foundation.


Sagging Gutters

When dirt, debris, and leaves become trapped, not only does this affect the ability for water to drain, but can add weight and stress to your gutter system. Gutters are built to sustain constant rainwater flow, yet they weren’t built to hold the extra weight of the built-up debris, which is why you should take immediate action if you notice that your gutters are beginning to sag! You can avoid this issue by regularly clearing out your gutters of any dirt or debris, but if you wait too long, the weight from the debris can make your gutters fall off your home!


Staining On Your Siding

Finding stains on your siding is common, yet if you notice streaking stains this may be an indication that your gutters are clogged and are overflowing. When water becomes trapped and cannot flow properly, it will begin to spill over and run down the side of your home which can lead to issues such as staining, excess moisture, and can eventually lead to needing to get your siding replaced! If you’d like to learn more about signs that your siding needs to be replaced, be sure to check out our blog,


You Have Unwanted Guests

Clogged gutters can easily and quickly become a habitat for rodents and bugs if left unkempt. Compressed dirt and debris can easily become a hiding spot for mice, squirrels, and other bugs and rodents, but can add excess weight to your gutters and, of course, create a blockage for the rainwater drainage. Another clear indication that your gutters are clogged is if birds begin to nest on your roof; if this is the case, you know it’s time to get your gutters looked at and/or cleaned.


Plants Are Growing!

Are your gutters turning into a planter box? If so, this is a clear indication that there is an excess of dirt and debris in your gutters that needs to be removed before plants begin to take over! You may ask yourself, how exactly did dirt and seedlings get into my gutters? Dirt particles get carried by the wind and land on your roof; when it rains, all the dirt washes down into your gutters. When enough dirt accumulates in your gutters, seeds taken from birds can land in your gutters thus creating your very own garden! Although gardening is a fun activity, you definitely do not want anything growing in your gutters!


By having a clean and well-maintained gutter system, you can easily avoid thousands in repairs and/or needing to replace your whole entire gutter system! If you notice that your gutters have any of the signs above, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Elite Roofing Contractor are not only roofing professionals but have extensive knowledge of all of the different types of gutters and can easily and quickly help you resolve your gutter problems! Give us a call at (201)436-1011, or send us an email at to schedule your gutter cleaning today!


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