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Protect Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Checklist

Each type of roof system requires special care and maintenance to ensure years of top performance. This holds true for newly constructed homes or legacy buildings alike. Failure to do so on a regular basis can result in costly repairs - nevermind the frustration and time to attend to such issues.

Your roofing contractor is a trusted ally in this endeavor. They’ll work with you to come up with a proactive program to ensure your roof’s ongoing health and vitality.

Asphalt Roofs Popularity

According to HGTV, asphalt shingles continue to be the most popular residential roofing material used in the United States*. It’s versatility for multiple building types, durable nature, attractiveness and economical price ensure this will be the trend for many years to come.

As we know, a roof is one of the most critical elements of a house and over its lifespan it will take a lot of wear and tear from the elements - across all four seasons, year after year.

Several conditions that can impact the quality of a roof overtime include:

  • Weather - sun, rain, wind, snow, ice and hail

  • Lack of proactive maintenance

  • Biological growths - algae created by sitting water; decaying leaves.

  • Incorrect installations

  • Altered building use that impacts the humidity or ventilation 

4-point Checklist for Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Partnering with a state licensed roofer who holds proper insurance certifications is the best way to ensure your asphalt shingle roof is properly maintained. Specifically, your roofer should conduct the following four steps - twice per year and after major storms (ice, snow, hail, wind etc.) and weather events (hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme winds) - to make sure your asphalt shingle roof stays in good condition.

1. Clean-up

In order for roof maintenance to be effective, it must be done frequently.  Specifically, it’s important for your entire roof and its associated systems (like gutters) be routinely cleared of any and all debris.

Special attention must be directed to the asphalt shingles and flashing material as well as related components like the down spout, chimney vents, skylight and even solar panels - basically, any and all components on the roof. 

Given the danger of the work, we recommend that you work with your licensed roofer and other service professionals to conduct the following activities:

Remove leaves, branches and other items that may have accumulated on the roof’s surface

Cut back any vegetation or foliage that may be close to the roof or related areas

Remove leaves and organic materials from the gutters to ensure they drain properly; mesh gutter protectors might be an option for added protection against falling leaves

Inspect downspouts to make sure they are functional, void of leaks and properly attached to the house to prevent shifting

2. Roof Inspections

Proactive roof inspections are the best way to ensure your roof is in good condition. The standard recommended is to have your roof inspected twice per year - in the spring and fall. This interval provides ample time to address small issues and to conduct required gutter cleanings.  

For more on what to expect from a roof inspection, read  - insert link for article 1 here.

3. Repair

During your bi-annual maintenance check, your roofer will inspect your asphalt shingles and take note to identify any issues.  Any shingles that are damaged, missing or broken will be replaced to ensure the overall fitness of the roof. 

Other popular re-emptive repairs may include the repair of flashing - material that prevents water and moisture from entering crevices and voids. Over time, this material can become corroded, cracked and displaced, reducing its ability to be effective. Roofer will typically focus on roof valleys, chimney areas, roof vents and other areas of installation to see if there are any protective breaches or material anolmolies.

Your drainage system, consisting of your gutters and downspouts, will also be inspected to ensure optimal performance.  Minor repairs might be fixable with caulking, while other issues with gutter sagging might require certain parts to be re-leveled and repositioned. 

4. Recording-Keeping

As with all maintenance issues related to your home, proper record keeping is a good habit to follow for several reasons. It helps you remember the work that has been performed on your house as well as track required future repairs. It might also come in handy for tax season and also upon a home sale, when you may be asked to prove when particular house repairs were performed. 

Now that we live in the era of the smartphone, it’s also a good idea to supplement your log with photos whenever possible.  Ask your roofer to provide you with copies of his roof images to amend to your file, so that you are always clear on what has been done - or his recommendations on what needs to get done.  

Cloud technology - like Google Drive - is a great platform to use as a repository for your log and photos as its accessible anywhere and anytime from your smartphone or computer. So whatever you need to recall about your home’s repair history is available wherever your smartphone is!

Protect Your Home Investment with Regular Roof Maintenance

According to statistics, a new home is one of the most expensive purchases in your lifetime**. As a result, all efforts should be taken to protect it for its investment potential and your living comfort. 

Working with a licensed roofer to conduct routine maintenance on your asphalt shingle roof and its related components is a first step in the process.

Next Steps

Do you have any related questions or do you want to schedule a roof inspection? Elite Roofing is here to help. Please contact us at (201) 436-1011 or via email at for further assistance.

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Dec 20, 2021

Make sure you avail the services of only those roofers and roofing contractors in Miami, who have been in this industry for a considerable long time.

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