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How To Prepare Your Roof for The Fall Season

As Fall is quickly approaching, it is a critical time to ensure that your roof is in its best shape! New measures must be taken with the changing weather to avoid potential damages or unwanted repairs. Read on to learn the best practices for preparing your roof for the upcoming Fall season!

Gutter Cleaning

As the Fall Season quickly approaches, you’re guaranteed to get an influx of fallen leaves on your roof and/or in your gutters. This can soon become an issue as fallen leaves and debris can easily cause blockages in your drainage systems. Blockages in your gutter system or other drainage systems can cause water to pool on your roof, allowing water to potentially seep through and permeate your ceilings and/or the foundation of your home. Although we recommend semi-annual gutter cleanings, clearing your gutters before and during the Fall season is recommended to help you avoid unwanted or unexpected repairs such as leaks or wood rot.

Patch Small Repairs

Although you won’t have to worry about snow and ice until the Winter weather approaches, it is essential to seal or repair any noticeable holes or cracks as water can quickly travel into these areas and eventually freeze up as the temperature continues to decrease. As you already probably know, when water freezes and turns into ice, it causes the ice to expand thus leading to even bigger holes and/or cracks, which ultimately lead to more exposed surface area, finally allowing more water to be able to enter your home.

Another reason why we recommend patching small holes or tears is that animals and other critters will take shelter from the decreasing temperature and hide anywhere it is warm. That small hole in your exterior siding or on your roof can quickly become a habitat for a family of squirrels which isn’t ideal for protecting the longevity of your roof or siding. Patching small areas in need of repair can help to avoid bigger problems in the long run, especially during these upcoming months.

Check for Damages

Just as it is important to check your roof and exterior siding/fascia, etc., for small holes or tears, it is also extremely important to make sure your roof or siding does not have any other types of damage. Missing or loose shingles can rapidly become a bigger issue as the colder weather approaches as this can be a lot harder to repair in the snow and ice. You’ll also want to make sure that any flashing or tarring is sealed and secured as this can be an area of concern in the upcoming months. In general, any problem areas on your roof should be addressed as soon as they become known as this can help avoid unwanted costly repairs down the road.

Clear Overhanging Greenery

Although it is extremely important to clear your gutters of any leaves or debris, it is also important to make sure that there are no overhanging tree branches or other forms of greenery over your roof. As the temperature starts to shift, any remaining leaves or branches left hanging over your home will eventually fall or break off as well, thus causing your freshly cleared gutters to refill again. In order to protect your gutters after they’ve been cleared, certain roofing contractors may recommend Gutter Guards, which are thin metal mesh coverings that sit over your gutters to catch any larger debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) Although Gutter Guards can help avoid larger debris to enter and remain in your gutters, we’d like to note that smaller debris and dirt can easily sift through causing dirt accumulation and eventually causing that dirt to “cake up”.

Get A Professional Inspection

The last thing we’d recommend in order to protect your roof and home is to get a roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor. Although many of the prior steps can be done by yourself, a roofing contractor will be able to spot any issues or areas in need of repair that you may have overlooked. In addition to spotting any necessary repairs, it is also important to consider your own personal safety and we do not recommend going up on your roof alone if you have not had prior experience or taken the necessary safety precautions to do so.

Here at Elite, we urge our customers and all homeowners to get a professional roof inspection at least once a year in order to protect your home and to assess any small damages as they can be fixed before turning into a bigger problem. Fall is the perfect season to get a roof inspection as we are able to check for any damages that may have been caused by the hot summer heat, and to inspect for any issues that can be corrected before the colder weather arrives.

Now that you’re aware of the necessary steps to take in order to prepare your roof for the upcoming Fall season, you can have one less thing to worry about! We know the Fall is extremely busy for most as holidays and events are quickly approaching, which is why you should let Elite help you with your roof's preparation! Want to have a professional look over and inspect your roof? Be sure to contact our team of professional roofers by calling (201)436-1011, or emailing us at to schedule your next roof inspection!

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