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Jersey City Re-Roof with Custom Copper Scupper Box

Click HERE to see more photos of our Custom Copper Scupper Boxes!

Job Details

  • Upon Inspection, we found that the edge of the roof was rotted and the roof needs to be removed & redone.

  • Removed and Grinded out a course of hardy board siding.

  • Installed new rubber up the wall. 

  • Installed new metal. 

  • Installed new cdx exterior plywood. 

  • Upgraded felt from 15# to synthetic felt. 

  • Installed new Owens Corning shingles to the front porch roof.

  • Removed hangers in the gutter and cut existing roof back to allow new rubber to properly counter flash gutter. 

  • Removed base siding, installed roofing behind, and then reinstalled siding. 

  • Installed self-adhered base to the back roof. 

  • Installed new 180 APP granular firestone rubber to the entire roof. 

  • Installed new custom bent termination metal. Installed new custom bent heavy gauge metal ringlet to terminate roof. 

  • Installed new flashing to all pipes, protrusions, and obstructions.

  • Installed a new leader from the back roof to the main gutter.

  • Installed a custom-made Scupper box out of copper and installed a leader head to catch the water and attached to the main pipe.

Keep an eye out for updates from this job, we're building a roof deck next!

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