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Jersey City Historic Job

Job Details

  • Removed and replaced entire main roof systems.

  • Firestone built-up modified roof system consisting of a self-adhered base sheet and granulated cap sheet.

  • Flashing will consist of a siplast para pro liquid resin with cloth fabric re-enforcement.

  • Built out the upper roof to create an overhang and a troth gutter system.

  • Replaced 2 existing skylights with a new curb mounted, double-domed insulated flat roof skylight.

  • Siplast liquid flashing, catalyst, and fleece along the base of the windows, inside the trough gutter where they meet the drops.

  • Install a custom-made small Scupper box copper, 2 on the bay roof and one on the lower back roof where it meets the airshaft.

  • install new Azek fascia on window bulkhead on top fascia all around its perimeter and between windows to the roofline.

  • Custom bent new heavy white fascia metal and install on the main roof outside perimeter.

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