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Jersey City Flat Roof Remodel with Custom Copper Scupper Boxes

Click HERE to see more photos of our Custom Copper Scupper Boxes!

Job Details

  • Removed shingles where we need to build wall.

  • Built wall on side. 

  • Removed shingles in this area -Reinstalled shingles and step flashing. 

  • Installed 2x4 in-door threshold, either single or double.

  • Installed rubber to top of wall against shingle to make watertight. 

  • Installed an ISO Tapered board system mechanically fasten to deck 1/4 inch.

  • Installed a custom-made Scupper box copper, that will have a pitch and large enough through wall capacity with a flange on inside wall that will take the tapered board pitch & pitch downward & out to gutter. 

  • Installed self-adhered base to the back flat roof as well as the walls & onto the copping.

  • Applied a new smooth Firestone Roofing System to deck.

  • Installed rubber to wall against shingles. 

  • Applied sip last liquid flashing with reinforced fleece.

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