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Jersey City Custom Trough Gutter

Click HERE to see VLOG #21, "Why Regular Maintenance Is Important"

Job Details

  • Cleared roof of debris and dirt to ensure clean work area for rubber

  • We ripped off & remove the existing epdm roof & reused the 2 Inch
    insulation that is not damaged, and we removed all roofing in drain area down to deck along the entire length of the
    drain area.

  • We installed new CDX exterior plywood to entire drain area of deck & marinated into existing roof.

  • We installed a new trough gutter system on roof between each drain, this diverts water toward drains.

  • Cut out and removed existing drains and closed in.

  • Installed base sheet which ensures proper adhesion substrate for modified rubber.

  • Installed new 180 APP smooth firestone rubber to entire roof.

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