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Jersey City Construction 

Job Details

  • ​Rip off the garage roof down to the deck. Remove decking, and remove existing beams.

  • We will install a 6"wide x.75" thick tongue and groove decking onto the garage roof.

  • Frame out the wall with 2x4 & 2x10 header to support roof joist 24x10 rough frame.

  • Install 1” iso board insolation to roof deck.

  • Install a double coverage recovery/rubberized base sheet to the roof deck.

  • Install a white granulated torch-applied rubber to the roof deck.

  • Install a new metal riglet into the neighbor's wall.

  • Build out the front overhang with regular lumber and finish it with Azek.

  • Build a wall for 2 windows rough framing install 2 windows supplied by the customer.

  • Install board siding on the front of garage make-over with Azek trim around windows & door.

  • Install a new colored gutter commercial size.

  • Build inside wall to divide space for his & her rough frame 2x4.

  • Install a bilco skylight hatch, customer has hatch. Rough frame on the inside.

  • Install a new fascia to the front of the garage roof, as custom color will be selected by the customer. The new fascia will counter flash the new stucco facade and be secured on the roof. We will then install new flashing to the metal and to the roof.

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