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Jersey City Cemetery Roof Replacement

Click HERE to see our presentation video, "A Roof That Will Outlive Us All!"

Job Details

  • Riped off and installed a two-ply roofing system.

  • We used tapered board to redesign a new roofing system so water will flow off of the roof and into the new guttering system.

  • We installed a new fascia system to hold the new seamless guttering system.

  • A certified outside HVAC mechanic removed the electrical and freon lines; reattached and charged the unit after the roof was done.

  • Removed bottom course of the slate roof so we could properly counter flash.

  • Installed copper metal along the slate roof to properly terminate sleight roof to rubber roof.

  • Fastened new seamless aluminum gutter into the fascia with hidden hanger screws.

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