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Hoboken Skylight Repair

Click HERE to see our presentation video, "Our Hoboken Skylights Filter Light Like A Rockstar!"

Job Details

  • Riped off and installed a new three-ply roofing system with new plywood decking. A new rubber base and new firestone rubber roofing system have been installed.

  • Loaded and unloaded all work-related material on the building. We used a gas-powered ladder system for a controlled and safe work site at the back of the building.

  • Inspected the roof structure for any additional rot or damage.

  • lnstalled self-adhered base to roof 2 plys.

  • Installed new 180 APP granular firestone rubber to the entire roof.

  • Reconstructed the roof walls.

  • Recapped walls with custom bent heavy gauge metal.

  • lnstalled mushroom vents to roof for proper ventilation

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