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Hoboken Flat Roof Replacement with Custom Copper Scupper Box

Click HERE to see our presentation video, "When Elite's on The Scene, You'll Get The Roof of Your Dreams!"

Job Details

  • Ripped off the roof down to deck.

  • Removed copping stones on top of walls and disposed of.

  • Rubberized walls.

  • Installed new CDX exterior plywood to entire deck of roof.

  • Installed a custom-made Copper Scupper Box.

  • Installed self adhered base to roof.

  • Installed new 180 APP granular firestone rubber to entire roof.

  • Prefabricated & installed new heavy gauge fascia metal and counter flash siding.

  • Installed new metal on roof and counter flash fascia metal.

  • Installed new roofing cement to metal on roof.

  • Installed a new 9 inch curb, double domed insulated flat roof skylight.

  • Installed new flashing to all pipes, protrusions and obstructions.

  • Installed New Leader Head System and 4 inch leaders into back of house.

Click HERE to see more photos of our Custom Copper Scupper Boxes!

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