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Bayonne Karnak 298R Roof Maintenance

Click HERE to see our presentation video, "We're Shining Bright in Bayonne, NJ With Our Karnak 298 Aluminum-R SBS Roof Maintenance"

Job Details

  • Applied Karnak 298 Aluminum-R SBS rubber modified asphalt reflective coating to the entire roofing system.

  •  Applied new flashing to areas of need.

  • Patched areas of the roof where bubbling was occurring.

  • Applied new flashing cement and membrane to all obstructions on the main roof (Chimney, skylights, pipe details, and drainage area.) 

  • Karnak 298 Aluminum-R SBS: Specially formulated with aluminum pigment to be used as a reflective elastomeric coating over modified bitumen membranes, BUR asphalt roofs, spray polyurethane foam roofs, properly sloped concrete roofs and metal roofs.

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