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Bayonne Dental Office Roof Replacement

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Job Details

  • Riped off the roof- we inspected the existing roof deck for unseen damages(rot/moisture).

  • Installed a new cricket on the back wall where the roof meets the building; this diverts water from the wall and into the scupper box.

  • Removed existing scupper box from masonry wall & installed a custom-made Scupper box copper; sealed outside with mortar.

  • Installed heavy-gauge facia around the perimeter of the roof.

  • Installed liquid flashing to drain and wall flashing where the roof meets the back wall.

  • Installed 3 new one-way breathers and 2 mushroom vents to allow trapped water and moisture out. This will allow the roof to dry out.

  • Applied new silver coating & all new flashing tar & membrane.

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