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West New York Fascia Installation & Roof Maintenance

Job Details

  • Project Plans: Install a new fascia system, install newly upgraded mushroom vents, apply flashing where needed, and repair 2 chimneys.

  • Installed new fascia wood on the back and right side of the building.

  • Prefabricated & installed new fascia metal and counter flash siding.

  • Installed new metal on the roof and counter flashed fascia metal.

  • Installed new roofing cement to the metal on the roof.

  • Removed and installed new mushroom vents.

  • Installed new mortar where missing on chimney that is connected to the bulkhead on the main roof

  • Installed new brick on side chimney that was patched with flashing.

  • Installed new flashing to all pipes, around railing system, protrusions, and obstructions.

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